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How to Check an Internet Link without Actually Clicking It

How to Check an Internet Link without Actually Clicking It

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Warning of dangerous website

It is a standard warning that the Internet is full of unsafe links from phishers and malware artists and that you should be very wary about clicking on links in messages, websites, or other Internet places. But obviously many links are legitimate and you need to know the difference. If you see a link you want to use but are not sure if it is safe, here are some easy ways you can check it.

How to safely display the actual content of a hyperlink

Malware writers and phishers often disguise links. The text that is displayed on a web page can say anything. To check that a link is really related to what you see on a web page, hover the mouse pointer over the link. The actual hypertext for the link will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen on major web browsers. Try it on this link:

Read the hyperlink very carefully

Once you see what the hyperlink is, you need to decide if it is safe. If it is a well-known web site that you recognize, then you can proceed. However, the hyperlink must be read carefully. Malware writers and spammers often use web addresses that contain the names of well-known sites or software. For example, they might try to fool you with something There are also a number of ways to obfuscate a web address so that the real address is hidden.  This link has a discussion of ways that web addresses can be obscured or made misleading. 

Check the target page of a hyperlink 

There are various ways to check the target of a link. One way is to copy the link to the clipboard and then paste it into some test feature. To copy a link, right-click it (not left-click) to open a context menu, then select “Copy link address” (in Chrome), “Copy Link Location” (in Firefox), or “Copy shortcut” (in Internet Explorer).  This copies the  URL to the clipboard so that you can paste it into any search field for testing. This article at Gizmo’s discusses a number of security sites where a link can be tested.
Sometimes the URL may be in one of the shortened formats from services like,, or This article gives sites that will reveal the actual URL behind a shortened link. There is also a website to enter and unshorten short URLs at

Browser add-ons and link scanners

Of course, there are also any number of browser add-ons that can help you check out an URL so another approach is to skip copying the URL and instead rely on a browser feature or add-on to warn about potential bad web pages before you actually go there. This article lists a number of browser plug-ins and extensions that will provide safety checks for URLs. One favorite at Gizmo’s is Web of Trust (WOT).
And there you have it – how to avoid those phishing and malware links.

Computer Security Tips to Protect System information

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We hear a lots and lots of concerning cases of hacking, softwares, malwares, viruses, etc, Here are some Computer Security tips to safeguard your PC/laptop against hacker intrusions, malware and different viruses that exploits your PC or Laptops.

1. Use a firewall

A firewall is a software system that will handle outgoing and incoming Internet connections of your computer. You’ll be able to clearly use the one engineered into Windows by default, however this can be by no means the foremost Efficient. i will like to recommend Comodo Firewall which is free and straightforward to use. Using Firewall is just one of Computer Security tip that i want to mention

2. Use antivirus

There are obvious reasons to use Anti virus Programs, but there are People that don’t have any antivirus or those who have, they have not upgraded thier antivirus since their permit has lapsed.. However there are quite powerful free antivirus Available. One must Install Antivirus to Protect and Keep thier Computer Secure.

3. Updating software system:

New vulnerabilities are found in software system or operative systems like Windows each day. So one must always updates thier software system. Keeping your installed Softwares upto date is Important, as it will Keep hackers away from breaking into your System and its Said that any upto date program Works smooth without any glitch.

4. Use complicated passwords

Users like you and me use too weak  passwords that are very simple to detect for hackers, there are so many software which will try all Possible Combinations to Crack your Password, this is known as Bruteforce technique .  If your secret word(password) Consists of just 4 or 5 characters, it will easily discover it.
Your Password becomes harder to crack if it consists of 8 or 9 characters which also includes numbers, letters and special characters.To check the strength of your Password, there are plenty tools over internet. This is an important Computer Security tip that everyone must Consider.

5. Use totally different passwords

Most common mistake people make is that they use same password everywhere over internet. Yes, its very hard to remember passwords for all accounts but its highly advisible to have different passwords for different accounts. This Practice Comes handy if one of your account gets Compromised/Hacked, then your other accounts are still safe.

Free Download IDM CC or IDM plugin for Google Chrome 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

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Download IDM CC or IDM plugin for Google Chrome 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
IDM CC for google chrome, IDM CC is a IDM google chrome plugin. IDM CC install in google chrome extention. Internet Download Manager is a good download manager in the world. But sometimes IDM not work properly. It means when you download a video clip then IDM can't catch download link. Again it show a notice "idm cannot download the file because of timeout" or "timeout error".

Today i deal this problem understand. It figure by a rattling undecomposable plugin. It understand easily by IDM CC plugin. It use your application much as google chrome. You can plugin this add-ons in your browser. And after plugin this add-ons IDM adult automatically download unite and download any recording clips. IDM CC 7.3.43 validation up to assort google chrome.

 How to Install IDM CC / IDM Plugin on Google Chrome

1. Download IDM CC or modules that I have provided below
2. Next, input into the installation folder where you install google chrome, Such as (C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager) like this

Download IDM CC or IDM plugin for Google Chrome 40

Download IDM CC for Google Chrome 

How to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

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How to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser Today I will be Sharing some alter tricks and tweaks by which you leave be competent to Speed up Google Chrome browser. Do you couple that experts which are motion at next book says that Google plate is one of the fastest internet application.

Justly said, As you mortal already experience piece using google plate that it truly mechanism faster and smoother compared to different internet application. Google plate uses DNS prefetching and speedy (SPDY) protocols instead of but using HTTP.

These DNS prefetching and SPDY protocols load up your page in advance so that you need not to wait for more time. But It happens many times that google chrome starts working very slow and believe me that  is very frustrating. But you need not to worry any more because listed below are some nice tricks to speed up chrome browser.

How to Speed Up My Google Chrome Browser

1. Disable plugins

I can bet you that you are using many plugins which are generally not in your use. To work faster and smoother on your chrome browser you must have some selected plugins installed. Too much plugins can slow up your browsing speed. Follow the steps below and start removing your extra plugins from your browser.
  1. Open your chrome browser and go to the following address: chrome://plugins/ 
  2. Uncheck the plugins which are not in your use. You can also delete these plugins unwanted plugins. Understand that you may not be able to delete or uninstall these plugins,you can only disable them
Note: Be very careful while unchecking or deleting your unwanted plugins because there are many plugins which are responsible for the performance of your browser. You may not want to disable plugins like flash because many web sites use flash to display web pages.

2. Disable Extensions

You might wonder if Plugins and extensions are almost similar to each other?  Plugins are usually a third party programs which are needed to enhance the speed and performance of your browser but other than this extensions are specifically needed for browsers. These Extensions really slows up your browser and can affect your browsing speed very badly. To avoid this thing you just need to follow the below steps carefully:
  1. Open your chrome browser and type the following address in the address bar: chrome://extensions/, OR to check the full list of extensions installed in your browser, simply Click on Wrench icon on your toolbar, navigate to Tools and then click on Extensions.
  2. You will now going to see an extensions list which is supporting your browser.
  3. Simply uncheck the extensions which are not needed or just delete those extensions which are not needed in future. You will surely see some changes in your browsing speed as you delete those extensions from your browser.

3. Clear your browsing data

You already know that if you browse any website, chrome automatically collects the cached text, cookies and other kinds of website data. That is why when we click again on that website address it consumes less time for loading that web page.

Although cached and cookies are really made to speed up chrome browser but sometimes it happens that they are responsible for decreasing your browsing speed and lagging.
Following steps will be helping you in clearing your browsing data:
  1. Click on Control and customize chrome button or Wrench icon as i mentioned earlier.
  2. Choose Tools > Clear browsing data. 
  3. Simply, choose the time range and other types of  extra features which are listed below in that dialog box, hit Clear browsing  data.
That's all. I Wish you this article instrument whatsoever what helpfulness you get your inquiring how to speedup chrome browser? 

Free Download IDM CC Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox Version 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

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IDM CC, IDM CC is a IDM firefox plugin. IDM CC put in firefox extention. Internet Download Manager is a redemptive download manager in the world. But sometimes IDM not run right. It substance when you download a video clipping then IDM can't stop download link. Again it simulation a notice "idm cannot download the file because of timeout" or "timeout wrongness". Today l cover this job solve. It solve by a very elliptic plugin. It compute easily by IDM CC plugin. It use your application much as mozilla or google plate. You can plugin this add-ons in your application. And after plugin this add-ons IDM understand automatically download attach.

1. First, you must download this add-ons (IDM CC)
2. Now Go to add-ons option in your Mozilla browser.
3. Click add-ons setting option and click Install Add-ons From File (View image).
4. Select IDM_CC_7.3.43.xpi file and open.
5. Few second it automatically install and restart your mozilla firefox.

 IDM CC Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox Version 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41