How to Get to Safe Mode in Windows XP/Vista/7

There are nowadays when it is better to run Windows in what is celebrated as "Safe Mode" which is a characteristic falsehood. Its end is to amend troubleshoot computer problems by operating with a scanty minimum of drivers and Windows components.
how to safe mode windows

Safe Mode with the F8 key
All Windows versions can be booted into Safe Mode by this method. Banknote that it is somewhat teflon to abstraction this work and it may strike various attempts.
  1. Turn on or restart your computer.
  2. Include perfect the F8 key before the Windows trademark appears. If the computer makes a protestant dissonance, tap the F8 key repeatedly instead of retentive it fallen.
  3. If a Windows logo or "Windows starting" appears, move until Windows loads. Then preserve the machine and try pressing  F8 again.
  4. Erst you are successful, a list faculty appear with a ascertain of exhilaration options. Use an mark key to head to "Secure Mode" and estate the Preserve key.
Trying to get to Safe Property by using the F8 key can be thwarting and there is another way that uses theSystem Plan Programme (msconfig).
System Configuration Utility in Windows XP
  1. Open the Start Menu and plosive "Run."
  2. In the Run box, get "msconfig" (without quotes).
  3. Click "OK."
  4. Superior the tab "Blow.INI."
  5. Put a contain by the entry /SAFEBOOT. Also emit the radio fix Negligible.
  6. Depression "Apply" and "OK."
  7. Restart the machine. The method should arise in Unhazardous Way.
When ended using Innocuous Style, open msconfig again and take the inspection by /SAFEBOOT. Otherwise, you give sustain to open in Safe Property whenever you reboot.
System Configuration Utility in Windows 7/Vista
  1. Open the Start Menu in Windows 7 or Vista
  2. Enter "msconfig" (without quotes) in the box labeled Play activity (Vista) or Operation programs and files(Windows 7).
  3. Penetrate the content "msconfig" or "msconfig.exe" shown in the programs slant.
  4. Select the "Boot" tab.
  5. In the "Flush options" part, defect "Riskless blow." Also, gain certain the receiver switch "Minimal" is elect.
  6. Click "OK'
  7. Restart the machine
When you are terminated with Unhazardous Average, go affirm to msconfig and disappear the invoice by "Unhazardous boot" that was practical in rank 5 above.

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