List of the Best Android Apps of 2015

List of the Best Android Apps of 2015

Searching for the best Android apps s a discouraging chore. Whether you're superficial for an email app or a record trainer, there are e'er tens of well-rated ones gettable - which is both a boon and a scourge. Here at dCLICKme, we've spent eld curating the optimal apps for every particularized utility, and we've now compiled them for our readers. We give prolong to update this industrialist as oft as we can with links to the best Android apps gettable. This is what we've got so far.

Categories in the discussion on the List of the Best Android Apps of 2015 include:
  1. Best cloud storage apps for Android
  2. Best messenger apps on Android
  3. Best dating apps for Android
  4. Best offline Android apps
  5. Best Android lock screen apps
  6. And others
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Best cloud storage apps for Android
Cloud storage is so prosaic now that its appoint doesn't healthy quite as thinking and ethereal as it did a few eld ago. That doesn't pass it any less functional, as storing your individualised data online is - for the most share - often safer than keeping it on a frail old petrified mean. We're processed to accept accusations of bias here, as our competitor darken store app is Google Drive. it's burnt into most Android devices, Google is always giving extra GBs of storage space away for free, and it's synced up with the handy Google Docs office suite. It's the undisputed champ.

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